This Rom is based on stock DDKQ8 2.3.6

You can call this a port of SGSII JellyBean Rom.

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Changelog,,ScreenShoots and Video Previews

Key Features:-
1) Samsung Galaxy SII JB look
2) Based on android 2.3.6
3) Touchwiz 3.9 <TW4 UI + TW Settings
4) Overall Best SII for SGA
5) ICS Transistions
6) SGSII wallpapers {All 25}
7) SGSII Icons
9) SGSII startup & shutdown animations
10) SGSII Sounds
11) SGSII Ported Apps
12) SGSII/SGS3 JB Themed Apps
13) Amazing Speed and Stability
14) JellyBean UI Statusbar
15) EDT battery Tweak
16) Smooth Scroll Mod
17) Long Press Volume Hack
18) CRT
19) SGSII widgets
20) Smoothest Stock Rom Gaming Xperience
21) ICS/JB Layouts
22) Renabled buttonlights
23) CallScreen ICS Modded
24) 4.2.2 JB Statusbar Ported
26) 31 toggles from wich 15 are changeable )
26) ICS Pattern Lockstyle *Smooth*
27) Brightness Bars
28) Fluid Nice
29) Real SGS III Launcher
30) SGSIII Music Player
*Have a look at Changelog for latest features*

All the Devs who have helped me or their work is in this
CoolcatGethome for Calculator , Camera , Much more .... and lots of help
Raiderx77 for SGSII Video App
Libsc for Battery Extender kernel
Vishal24387 for keyboard
RomanBB for EDT Tweaks
sam-ron for some help on launcher
MatZ69 for great help on statusbar and some other stuff
Imbawind for adrenaline engine
Paravoz! for big call screen guide
Amrish1984 for ICS layouted call screen
Ahmed hamouda for arabic Patch
Coccolino_dbro for some resources
PulseDroid for Thread Banner Title


v10 SII UI :-Here if you want the Galaxy SII Gingerbread TW4 UI

*outdated* V11 SII JB UI :- here

V11.2 SII JB UI :- here for SGS II Nature UX UI 4.2.2

How To Install:-

Copy Zip to SD Card
Reboot into recovery
Wipe Data/Factory Reset * You don't need to do this step if you previously had a DDKQ8 
or an older version of the SGS rom. But i recommend wipe data still *
Wipe Cache Partition
Install Zip From SD Card
Flash ROM


Original JB/CM10 Theme 
 * Note only for the TW4 UI V10.1 version *:-Here

How To Install Patches:-

Copy Zip to SD Card
Reboot into recovery
Mount data
Mount system
Install Zip From SD Card

*Note this rom might contain small bugs and will be fixed later i released it 
currently because i had promised it 3 months ago *

Dont forget to hit THANKS if U Like my work